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Training & Resources

This page contains self-paced “How To” tutorials in video and PDF format. These show you how to use the main features of Work Planning and Control and are organized by role. Contact James Basore ( if you have questions.

Self-paced Tutorials BY ROLE:
– (1) Worker Tutorial (Go here)
– (2) Supervisor Tutorials (Go Here)
– (7) Activity Lead Tutorials
(Research focus) (Office-work focus)
– (2) Project Lead Tutorials (Go here)
– (7)
Division Safety Coordinator Tutorials (Go here)
– (1) Division Approver Tutorial (Go Here)
– (4) EHS support staff (Go here)

Self-paced Tutorials BY TOPIC:
– General Overview of Work Planning & Control (Video)
– How a worker reviews & accepts their Activity(s) (Video) (PDF)

– How to create a Project (Video) (PDF)
– How to edit a Project to add /remove Activity Leads (PDF)
– How to manage all projects (in one place) (Video)

– How to create an office work Activity (Video)
– How to create a research Activity (Video) (PDF)
– How to manage your activities in one place (Video)
– How to create a Description of Work (Video)
– How to copy an Activity (Video)
– How to search for a Project or Activity (Video)

– Supervisor Approval Process (high-risk research Activities) (Video) (PDF)
– Supervisor How to view their worker’s status, and opt-out workers (Video) (PDF)
– Supervisors How to opt-out workers (PDF)
– Activity Lead How to Assign & Authorize Workers to an Activity (Video) (PDF)
– The Collaboration & Review Process (for high-risk Activities) (Video)
– How to determine who still needs to approve your Activity (High-risk Activities in review) (Video)
– How to Establishing Division settings (for Division Safety Coordinator’s) (Video) (PDF)

Examples and Templates:
– Template for Description of Work / Research focused – (Google Document)
– Example of Description of Work / Research focused – (PDF)

– Example of Description of Work / Office Work – (Google Document)